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Today’s men are stepping up their game when it comes to maintaining their appearance.  The focus is on looking less tired, more chiseled, and the best version of themselves that they can be. More and more men are realizing that skin care and routine grooming aren’t just feminine pursuits. Keeping yourself presentable, well-cared-for, and flaw-free will lead to personal and professional success no matter your gender.

It was once unthinkable for men to admit to having cosmetic treatments, but not anymore. Fortunately, there are many options—ranging from simple nonsurgical treatments such as microdermabrasion to Botox. All can help reduce the signs of aging and improve a man’s appearance and self-image.

Ideal Reflection is a leading provider of professional skin care for men. Our skin care specialists recognize that men’s skin is different than women’s and we are fully trained in handling those differences and understanding our male clients’ needs. Our hours are well suited for a busy man’s schedule, with evening and Saturday appointments available. Ideal Reflection offers procedures and products designed specifically to help our male clients improve the health of their skin. Cosmetic procedures for men can have outstanding effects on skin health, a competitive edge in the workplace, and self-confidence in terms of personal appearance.

Achieve younger-looking skin, reduce hair on the back, shoulders, or chest, or trim your waistline and enhance your abdomen muscles. We’re here to help.


Men’s Skin Care Services.

Your goals -Our focus 

Which Men’s Cosmetic Treatments Do I Need?

Ideal Reflection Medical Spa offers a unique digital complexion analysis. This imaging program scans your skin and identifies the type, location, and density of facial blemishes. While it might seem like these are noticeable to the naked eye, having a detailed scan of brown spots, pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and more will help point us to the best possible treatments for your skin.


Men’s Laser Hair Removal

There is no more need for tedious manscaping, with laser hair reduction services more and more men are turning to laser hair removal. For many men, body hair – and where it appears – can become a point of frustration and embarrassment. Shaving is only a temporary solution.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to improve the male physique and become more attractive to your partner. Our Sheer Wave hair reduction system delivers a specially tailored light source for permanent hair reduction, usually in as few as six treatment sessions. This long lasting and non-invasive procedure will help reduce the time it takes to keep unwanted hair in-check.

This FDA approved technology safely treats all skin types and all body areas, including backs, chests and faces.

Men’s Medical Grade Facial

A man’s skin has unique concerns. The aestheticians at Ideal Reflection take factors such as shaving habits into account to prevent ingrown hairs and other skin problems that are most common in men. Experience a thorough, deep cleansing of your face and neck followed by either a microdermabrasion, dermaplane or multiderm treatment.

Your aesthetician will determine which treatment is appropriate for your skin’s needs. A calming hand massage will relax you as a mild chemical peel works to improve texture, acne and pore size. This treatment finishes with an ultrasound infusion of medical-grade products specifically 

chosen for your skin. Your face and neck will feel and look healthier and younger and you will feel relaxed and stress-free.

Men’s Facials to Improve Skin Tone

Finally, men are discovering the benefits of facials. Beyond improving your complexion, facials can improve facial muscle tone, provide much-needed stress relief and facilitate improved skin health. Men’s facials can remove blackheads and the top layer of dead skin, helping newer, younger skin surface.

This upscale treatment, designed for our male clients, begins with a deep pore cleansing, leaving your face smooth and exfoliated. A full-face treatment follows, resulting in decreased pore size and an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. This Facial ends with an infusion of products customized to hydrate and tone male skin. There is no downtime following this rejuvenating and collagen-stimulating treatment.

Micro-Needling for Men

Are you a man who is dissatisfied with scarring, stretch marks, or discoloration on your skin? Ideal Reflection Med spa offers the latest in skin care technology, including revolutionary micro-needling treatments, which can efficiently reduce the appearance of skin irregularities on the face, neck, and chest. Micro-needling treatments for men involve using a micro-needling tool to painlessly penetrate the skin with tiny pulses, prompting a natural cell and collagen renewal process. These treatments work on all skin types and colors to immediately reverse damage and irregularities caused by the sun, acne and hyper-pigmentation.

Men’s IPL Photo-Facials to Rejuvenate the Skin

Men suffering from sun damaged skin, pigmented facial spots, enlarged pores, rosacea, or facial blood vessels and capillaries, are all good candidates for IPL (intense pulsed light) Photo-Facials. IPL’s can reduce fine lines and help control acne breakouts. Using intense pulses of light to penetrate the skin, IPL’s can cause collagen growth and can constrict blood vessels below the epidermis, which reduces redness and age lines. Results can vary.

Men’s Acne Therapy

Acne is the most common skin condition in the world. Though it typically affects teenagers, men and women of all ages can develop facial blemishes and the scarring.

At Ideal Reflection Medical Spa, treatment starts with a skin care consultation and a customized regimen for topical treatment of the acne, as this can reduce the number of comedones or pimples and decrease the inflammation of the skin. It doesn’t matter if you have the occasional pimple or cystic acne, we can develop a program that will clear the acne breakouts, prevent future break-outs, and improve acne scarring, resulting in clear, beautiful skin.

What you may see:

  • Acne rosacea – Commonly called “adult acne,” this condition is characterized by thick red skin on the nose and cheeks, pustules (pimples) and small red bumps and blood vessels on the skin’s surface.
  • Acne vulgaris – This condition may produce blackheads, whiteheads, papules (solid fluid-less bumps) and pustules.
  • Chronic persistent acne – This affects women and men who have both suffered with acne since adolescence and developed it during adulthood. It may be associated with hirsutism, or excessive hairiness.
  • Macules or “pseudo-scars” – These are flat, red or reddish spots that occur after inflammatory acne lesions begin to heal.
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation – After inflammatory acne has healed, the skin may be discolored at the site of the blemish.
  • Nodules – A characteristic of severe acne, these are painful, pus-filled cysts or lumps under the skin
  • Acne scarring – Chronic untreated acne often results in scars, which may be elevated, depressed or pigmented.


Filler injection for male forehead face. Plastic aesthetic facial surgery in beauty clinic. Man giving anti-aging injections for healthy complexion. Male face close-up.

Men’s Injectables

If you are a man and think it’s time to do something about those moderate to severe facial wrinkles between your brows, crow’s feet and along your forehead. Botox Cosmetic may be right for you. Millions of men of all skin types and ethnicities have discovered the benefits of being treated with Botox.

Botox works to diminish lines and wrinkles caused by underlying muscle movement. It works very well on the frown lines in between the eyebrows (the glabellar area), the lines on the forehead and the lines around the eyes (crow’s feet). It can also be used to soften the lines around the mouth and superficial wrinkles in the cheeks.


Men are also discovering the benefits of Juvéderm to reduce wrinkles and plump up your skin. Juvéderm recently received FDA-approval as a filler for lines and wrinkles in the nasolabial folds, the deep grooves or lines that extend from the corners of the nose down along the mouth.

For men who want to look more youthful, injectables can be a great option. Most treatments can be performed during your lunch hour.

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